The beginning of HALL AUDIO

HALL AUDIO originates from a build-self project when Ulrik Tuemand decided in spring 2015 to make his own speaker. He had an ambition to build a wireless amplifier that led to a lot of research in this area, and put him in touch with a supplier.

Ulrik developed the product, and a HALL 2x8W prototype was created. The prototype quickly became popular with family and friends, which became the sprout to HALL AUDIO. Before long, the basement of Marie-Louise and Ulrik's shared home had been decorated as production, and the company was run on a hobby basis.

HALL AUDIO anno 2020

Today, HALL AUDIO is a smaller manufacturer of small user-friendly Bluetooth audio amplifiers and receivers.
The products are sold both B2C and B2B and all products are equipped with some of the best Bluetooth chips in the market.

The company is located in Denmark, and uncompromising quality despite low prices permeates the Danish brand.
Careful quality control is carried out on all products throughout the manufacturing process, and everything is assembled, tested, packed and shipped from headquarters on Funen. Production capacity is impressive despite the company's modest size, and all processes are automated to such an extent that they can be quickly and easily revised upwards to increase production.

Common to all products is affordable prices, high quality and exceptional ease of use.

TV2 Fyn has followed our journey

The first feature was brought into the local news in August 2016, when Tv2 Fyn visited the small business in the basement.

Click here or on the picture to go to TV2 Fyn, where you can see the feature.

The road to retailers

The following year a new feature was brought in October 2017, which was recorded in one of the dealers shops in Faaborg.

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Guests in the Tv2 studio

The same night as the feature was brought in October 2017, Marie-Louise and Ulrik also visited the Tv2 studio, where they told about the journey as entrepreneurs live.

Click here or on the picture to go to TV2 Fyn, where you can see the feature.

Owners and Board of Directors

Marie-Louise Tuemand Larsen

Marie-Louise Tuemand Larsen

Co-Owner and Marketing Director

Marie-Louise has a Bachelor of arts in International Business Communication with English and Media, and a master of arts International Business Communication.

Ulrik Tuemand

Ulrik Tuemand

Owner and Ceo

Ulrik is educated Pba. international trade and marketing.

Kate Bøgh

Kate Bøgh

Co owner

Kate Bøgh is investor and owner of a smaller part of the company. She is a social director at Favrskov Municipality, and is a trained lawyer.

Henrik Agersnap Thomsen

Henrik Agersnap Thomsen


Henrik Agersnap Thomsen is Ceo of Kolding Maskinforretning and has previously worked as operations manager and product manager.


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