At HALL AUDIO, you can use the following forms of payment:Credit card: Visa/Dankort | Visa Card | Visa Electron | American Express | MasterCard | MaestroBank transfer: You can select a bank transfer and transfer to our account through online banking. Alternatively, you can visit or call your bank and get them to do so.Note: by bank transfer, you are not protected by the opposition scheme. You must transfer the amount by using the following information:Bank: Reg. number: 9219 Account number: 4584196934 IBAN: DK0692194584196934 SWIFT: SPNODK22REMEMBER to write your order numberPersonal data and secure trading on HALLAUDIO.com When you shop at HALL AUDIO, we guarantee that you will have your ordered item(s) and a positive dialogue if something is not as it should be. At HALL AUDIO, we comply at least with the provisions of the Danish Sales Act, which include, inter alia, the following: return rights and warranty. We are in favour of good trading ethics and merchants, and we do everything we can to make you have a pleasant experience by shopping with us.Security of payment and order It's safe to shop on HALL AUDIO! If payment is paid by debit card, you are also always protected against abuse. When orderover 1000,- HALL audio 3D Secure uses as an additional security for you. You can read more about 3D Secure here: What is 3D Secure? You have the option to refuse a payment when you receive your payment history. You have no excess in case your card is being misused in an Internet store using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in its payment system. This means that you are better secured than in the physical world, where you have a excess of DKK 1200 when your dankort is misused using the PIN code.Data that you send in connection with purchases, paid by debit card, is encrypted (SSL) and only QuickPay can read them. The amount of the goods will not be deducted until the goods are sent from HALL AUDIO. A larger amount can never be deducted than what you approved at the time of purchase.


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