The condition of the item when you send it back. You are only liable for any deterioration in the value of the product due to handling other than that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics of the product and the way it works. In other words– you can try the item the same way as if you tried it in a physical store.If the item is tested beyond what is described above, we consider it to be used, which means that when you withdraw the purchase, you will only receive a portion or none of the return of the purchase, depending on the the commercial value of the product.In order to receive the entire return of the purchase, you must do the same as you can in a physical store. You have to try out the item, but don't take it into actual use.
Repayment of the purchase amount
If you regret your purchase, of course, you will get back the amount you paid to us. In the event of a impairment for which you are liable, this purchase amount is deducted.If you use your right of withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (except for additional costs arising from your choice of another delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer), without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on which we have been notified of your decision to undo this agreement. We will make such a refund with the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction unless you have expressly agreed to otherwise.We may withhold the refund until we have received the goods back unless you have provided evidence before that to return it.If you undo the purchase, the item must be sent to: HALL AUDIO Ternevej 25 5690 TommerupFill out the downform:FormYou can also undo this by giving clear notice and delivering it in person at the above address.What am I going to send back? You must attach a copy of the order confirmation.Note! We do not receive packages sent per afterrequirement.
The deficiency rules of the Danish Purchasing Act may apply to purchase of goods.When you shop at hall audios webshop you obviously have 24 months of warranty. This means that you can either have the item repaired, exchanged, money back or discounted in price, depending on the specific situation.It is, of course, a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of improper use of the product or other harmful behaviour.How fast should I advertise? You must advertise within "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect at the item. If you advertise within two months of the discovery of the defect, the complaint will always be timely.We refund reasonable shipping costs If the complaint is justified, we will of course refund your (reasonable) freight costs.The item is sent to: HALL AUDIO Ternevej 25 5690 TommerupWe need the following information when you send the item to us: When you return the item, please indicate what the problem is as detailed as possible. Order or invoice number. Note! We do not receive packages sent per afterrequirement or similar.Keep in mind that the item must always be sent back in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt for shipment so that we can repay your shipping costs.
To complain about your purchase, please contact: info@hallaudio.dk or by phone: +45 30 70 71 72 If we do not manage to find a solution, you can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board if the conditions are met.Consumer Complaints Board / Danish Competition and Consumer Protection: Carl Jacobsen's way 35 2500 Valby Tel.: 4171 5000 Mail: kfst@kfst.dk Web: http://www.forbrug.dk/Dine-klagemuligheder


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